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Thank you for choosing to visit us online. At Cutters Point, it's our desire that our customers' experience exceeds their expectation each and every time they visit, without exception. Quality and passion are two of our top values and we believe you will find this in both the coffee we artfully roast and the service you receive from our amazing baristas. We hope you took a moment to sift through this site and read about what makes Cutters Point special and different, find one of our locations near you or even purchased some of our award-winning coffee. Whatever you chose to do, we hope your online Cutters Point experience made your day a bit better. Thank for visiting us and we hope we have the opportunity to meet you at one of our great stores.


Brooke Payne

Founder & CEO


Aaron Amidon

Co-Owner & COO


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Brooke Payne, Aaron Amidon, Chris Powers