Coffee Beans
Cutters Point Store

$5.00 of each bag you purchase goes to one of the following organizations. Please choose the organization you would like to contribute to:


Mapalo Orphanage
Young Life's Malibu Club
Fred Hutchinson
Medical Teams International

Giving Back

Cutters Point is committed to making a difference in the lives of our guests and in our communities. You can be a part of helping us make a difference. Our foundation – The David's Stone Foundation is committed to giving back a portion of our coffee sales to non-profit organizations, enabling them to live out their mission to the world.


The name David's Stone, comes from the biblical story of David & Goliath. David took one stone and vanquished the giant – we can help mission driven organizations overcome their giant one bean at a time. We'll contribute $5.00 for each bag of Cutters Point coffee your purchase to one of four organizations. Please choose one of the organizations listed above for your contribution to go toward.

Learn more about these organizations:

· Medical Teams International
· Mapalo Orphanage
· Young Life's Malibu Club
· Fred Hutchinson