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About Cutters Point

The journey began in 1995 when we purchased Austin Chase Coffee, a small but popular espresso bar in Gig Harbor Washington. In ’97 we opened our second location and slowly began to expand over the following years. In 2001 the decision was made to open our roasting facility and rebrand to Cutters Point Coffee. Our main goal was to offer a premium cup of fresh-roasted coffee in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Today, we are a community of talented people who provide our guests a chance to escape and treat themselves to something special. We still have that same passion for people and the same love of coffee.

Cup of Cutters Point Coffee
What's In A Name

The Puget Sound area where Cutters Point got its start has a deep and storied history, so we chose to select a name for our company we felt represented one of those historical moments. Our name-related moment happened in 1792, when Peter Puget and Joseph Whidbey departed George Vancouver's ship, Discovery, in two small cutter boats. At the time, the Discovery was anchored between Vashon Island and Blake Island in Puget Sound. Puget and Whidbey's orders: to sail south for a week and explore the local waterways. Shortly after beginning their voyage, the two men and their small crews landed their cutters at what is now known as Point Fosdick. It is where they had their first meal. Our name is derived from this event … and we'd like to think that meal at least included one cup of coffee!

Our Mission

Cutters Point's goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of our guests. We do this by being relationally-oriented, technically proficient, and committed to each other as members of one team. It is our desire to hold the highest standards with regard to staff, service and product. Integrity, honesty, and the grace of God are the backbones upon which Cutters Point operates in all areas of business.

If you are interested in being a part of Cutters Point please visit the employment page.

Our Vision And Values

Our Vision

We strive to be the coffee house of choice where our guests experience unmatched hospitality and service.

Our Values


The Grace of God is the foundation upon which Cutters Point is based.


We value people – who they are and who they are becoming.


Cutters Point is a community that cares about the individual and their needs. We encourage an attitude of serving each other and a strong sense of belonging.

Integrity & Honesty

We believe in exhibiting and developing outstanding character qualities.


We believe in being determined and dedicated to producing the very best products each time – every time, without exception.


We believe that being passionate and enthusiastic leads to taking pride in accomplishing our goals.


We believe in leading by serving others, setting a great example, having a contagious positive attitude and striving for personal growth.


We believe that by serving others we serve ourselves and strengthen the mission. No individual is greater than the whole.


We believe in seeking wisdom in all our decisions.